Starfield: How to Play Early – A Guide to Exploring the Cosmos Ahead of Release

The excitement surrounding Bethesda’s upcoming space epic, “Starfield,” is palpable among gamers and science fiction enthusiasts alike. As we eagerly await its release, speculation abounds about the possibility of playing “Starfield” early. In this article, we explore the strategies, rumors, and potential avenues that might allow players to dive into the cosmos of “Starfield” before its official launch.

1. Participate in Beta Tests:

One of the most common ways players get early access to highly anticipated games is through beta testing. Keep an eye on Bethesda’s official announcements and social media channels for any news about open or closed beta tests for “Starfield.” Participating in beta tests not only grants early gameplay but also provides valuable feedback to the developers.

2. Pre-Order Bonuses:

Pre-ordering a game often comes with enticing bonuses, and “Starfield” might be no exception. Bethesda could offer pre-order packages that include early access as an incentive. Be sure to research different pre-order options and check for any announcements regarding early access perks.

  • Starfield Premium Edition: $99.99 at the Xbox Store
  • Starfield Constellation Edition: $299.99 at various retailers.

Starfield will be available September 6th, 2023 for Xbox and PC.

3. Subscribe to Services:

Subscription-based gaming services, such as Xbox Game Pass or Bethesda’s own service, could potentially offer early access to “Starfield” as part of their offerings. Keep an eye on these platforms and consider subscribing to gain access to a variety of games, including the possibility of early access to highly anticipated titles.

4. Participate in Contests and Giveaways:

Game developers often run contests, giveaways, or promotions that offer lucky winners the chance to play a game before its official release. Keep an eye on Bethesda’s official channels and gaming communities for any such opportunities related to “Starfield.”

5. Join Insider Programs:

Some game developers offer insider programs that provide fans with exclusive news, updates, and even early access to upcoming titles. Bethesda might have a similar program for “Starfield.” Consider signing up for their newsletter or joining their official community to stay informed.

6. Stay Informed:

Follow Bethesda’s official social media accounts, visit their website regularly, and join online gaming communities dedicated to “Starfield.” Being informed about the latest news and announcements will increase your chances of discovering any opportunities for early access.

7. Check Special Editions and Collector’s Editions:

Game publishers often release special editions or collector’s editions of games that come with unique bonuses, including early access. Keep an eye out for any announcements regarding limited editions of “Starfield” that might grant early access as part of the package.

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